Boycott = Voting. Who’s on our Boycott list?

Remember: Your spending votes and shapes the world we live in. This list will become much longer but initial culprits we recommend to NOT support:

  1. Proctor & Gamble (test on animals! Chances are you unknowingly have household items in your home from this corporate giant)
  2. All the fragrance, skin care and make up brands that you see when you walk into an Edgars. Yes! All of them! (test on animals)
  3. Johnson & Johnson (the biggest organ in your body is your skin. It’s highly absorbant. Your baby’s body should not be exposed to all the synthetics in this product)
  4. Nestlé (evil) own Loreal (animal testing)
  5. Macdonalds (low grade, factory farmed meat, children media targeting)
  6. KFC (factory farmed, genetically modified chickens)
  7. Garments made in China (major sweat shop issues likely: South Africa’s garment industry collapsed and many lost their jobs as we cannot compete with slave labour prices)
  8. Monsanto (patenting the world’s free seeds, bankrupting poor farmers for fertilisers or reuse of GM seeds, bankrupting organic farmers who’s crops turned GM from neighbouring GM Monsanto fields)

…And Yes, before you say it, we agree:
Clearly boycotting is a luxury of choice available to only those who can afford, this Blog is aimed at folks who spend their salary freely or without minimal thought etc etc.
Reminder: Not all boycott decisions imply a higher price. Initially it requires you to have curiousity & to start inspecting the labelling of items you regularly pick up off the shop shelf.

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